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Welcome to the North Pole!

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Santa Claus, also known as The Big Man in Red, Father Christmas, St. Nick and more, is the most famous North Pole character. You’ll see him strolling the North Pole in his red-and-white suit and hat, and often, you’ll hear him practicing his, “Ho, ho, ho.” | Favorite Hobby: Seeing what he can catch while ice fishing in the North Pole woods | Secret Talent: Rocking out on the drum set he got last year as a Christmas present from the Scout Elves (it took 1,000 of them to wrap it!)

Most times, you’ll find Mrs. Claus in her Sweet Shop testing new recipes, perfecting old ones and teaching the Scout Elves some of her tips and tricks. She is well known for baking the most delicious sweet treats, creating the Claus Couture Collection® and keeping Santa and the Scout Elves on schedule! | Favorite Hobby: Reading the latest magazines for inspiration when designing fancy new elf clothes | Secret Talent: Juggling cups and bowls in her Sweet Shop

Scout Elf Joe, the most famous Legends and Lore Scout Elf is both overly dramatic and extremely humorous. He always makes the other Scout Elves laugh when he isn’t serving as Santa’s righthand elf. | Favorite Hobby: Memorizing North Pole facts he can spout off on a dime | Secret Talent: Winning the Holiday Hot Cocoa Drinking Contest five years in a row

Scout Elf Newsey Noel is the North Pole’s official reporter. She is always working on writing and capturing the latest North Pole story. You won’t find her without a notepad or camera in her hand. | Favorite Hobby: Photographing the Scout Elves and Elf Pets around the North Pole | Secret Talent: Completing word search puzzles in under a minute

The Elf Pets Arctic Fox cubs are furry friends who help Santa on his Christmas Eve flight. They spark the mystical Northern Lights that shield Santa Claus from sight as he flies. When kids shake the glow-in-the-dark snow globe around their arctic fox’s neck, they send a message of hope back to the North Pole! | Favorite Hobby: Swirling their tails to build snowmen faster than anyone else at the North Pole | Secret Talent: Bouncing a ball on their nose for one minute without stopping