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Frequently Asked Questions

General Website Questions

Is this site safe for my child?

The Elf on the Shelf® is a member of a privacy cert program called PRIVO-Cert™ Safe Harbor Certification Program. This is a third-party program committed to safeguarding children’s personal information online. As a member of the program, The Elf on the Shelf® adheres to strict information collection, use and disclosure requirements. 'Click here' to read more about how The Elf on the Shelf® and PRIVO are keeping your children safe.

What types of content is available on Santasnorthpole.com?

Santa’s North Pole is full of exciting 'games' everyone at the North Pole loves to play, 'activities' that tap into your creative nature, a wide array of 'Christmas jokes' for kids, 'mobile apps' to play on the go and videos for you to enjoy!

How do I get to the games and activities?

You can access the 'games' and 'activities' that on this site in one of two ways. Visit the main menu for a full list of Christmas games and activities or walk through the 3D North Pole to find locations and play the games and holiday activities within. Use the North Pole map to help navigate through Santa’s North Pole.

How can I contact Santa?

Visit the 'write a letter' to Santa page to send Santa Claus questions, wish lists and more. The Scout Elves will make sure he receives your note!

User Account Questions

How do I create an account?

You can 'create an account' by tapping the user profile icon in the main navigation. Once you enter your information, a parent will have to verify their email address, otherwise your account will be deleted. Read more below on why you need to verify your account.

How do I delete my account?

To delete your account, you must log in to your account and tap the Delete My Account and Data link at the bottom of your user account profile. Your account and all associated data will be deleted from our database. Once your account is deleted, that information cannot be recovered.

I had an account on elfontheshelf.com, can I use it here?

You will need to create a new account to access santasnorthpole.com.

I have an account, but I don’t see where I can sign in?

You can 'access your account' from any page by tapping on the user profile icon in the main navigation.

Can I change my username?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide a different username once your account is created. If you want to change your username, you will need to 'create a new account'.

Can I change my email?

You can update your parent’s email address within your account profile settings. Your parent will receive a notification email and will need to approve the change request through email. Once approved, the previous email address on record will be removed from your profile.

I forgot my password.

You simply need to tap the 'Forgot Password' link on the 'log in' screen to reset your password. You are also able to update your password at any point from your account profile settings screen when you are logged in.

Why does my account need to be verified?

This site is COPPA compliant and strives to ensure a safe experience for kids. Therefore, parents must verify their child’s account. If you do not verify the account within 21 days, it will be deleted from our records!

Games and Activity Questions

How do I customize the Grand Tree in City Center? Earn Cheer Charms by playing the games in Santa’s North Pole and then use them to decorate your tree in any style you like. Your customized tree design can be shared with the elves around City Center! There are rare and extraordinary decorations that only Cheer Goal participants can earn, so be sure to watch for Santa’s game challenges and play along to make your tree extra special!

What is a Cheer Goal?

Sometimes Santa needs special help at the North Pole from kids like you, so when needed, Santa creates a Cheer Goal that brings kids together to create the amount of cheer needed to overcome any unforeseen North Pole circumstances. Santa designates one game for you to play during the challenge and as a thank you for your help, you’ll receive special Cheer Charms! Check in each week to see if Santa needs your help!

What are Cheer Charms and how can I use them?

You earn Cheer Charms by playing 'games' on Santasnorthpole.com. Cheer Charms can be traded at 'Tinsel’s Trinket Shop' for items you can use to decorate the Grand Tree in City Center. There are four game categories, so there are four types of charms: Kindness, Giving, Sweet Celebrations, and Joyful Tidings. When you trade in your charms for decorations, elves take them to the Spirit Sparkometer, which transforms them into Christmas Spirit, which Santa then uses to create Christmas Magic! When needed, Santa even calls on you for special cheer goal challenges that earn the most special charms of all.

What can I buy at Tinsel’s Trinket Shop?

Every time you play games at Santasnorthpole.com, you’ll earn Cheer Charms that can be exchanged at 'Tinsel’s Trinket Shop' for decorations to be used on the Grand Tree in City Center. You can exchange for one cheer charm per category each week. There are also Mystery Boxes that contain several decorations, including super rare designs!

What is the Spirit Sparkometer?

In 'Santa’s Strategy Room', the elves use the Spirit Sparkometer to transform Cheer Charms into Christmas Spirit. Christmas Spirit is what Santa uses to make the Christmas Magic he needs to keep the North Pole magical and to complete his year-long activities. When you trade in your Cheer Charms, elves take them to the Spirit Sparkometer, turning your participation into more Christmas Spirit!